Complete Ukulele Chord Charts in Baritone Tuning

Free downloadable charts

Below you can find the official and original UkuChords ukulele chords charts. These have all main ukulele chord diagrams you can think of for baritone ukuleles in G tuning (DGBE). If you are looking for the same charts but in standard (C) tuning, go here.

In total there 180 chord diagrams included for all keys (A, Bb = A#, B, C, Db = C#, D, Eb = D#, E, F, Gb = F#, G and Ab = G1) and including chord types such as minor, major, augmented, diminished, sixth, seventh, ninth, added and suspended. There are two versions available, both completely free to download and print out but you are under no circumstances allowed to redistribute or sell them without permission.

Are you new to the ukulele and having trouble reading chord diagrams? Take a look at the very useful guide “Reading Chord Charts” on UkuGuides.

A2 Poster Version

The first one is a print quality poster version in high resolution, A0 size (84 x 119 cm / 33 x 47 inches). Also printable in smaller sizes of course. Perfect for hanging on a wall, storing on mobile devices, computers… It allows you to have a quick overview of all the main ukulele chords. This is ideal for referencing.


A4 PDF Version

The second version is a PDF version in press quality with four pages. It also has all the main chords and is made to be printed on A4 sized paper so you can put it with your notes, in your case,…